Mind Body Relationship

For centuries the mind – body dual relationship has been a mystery.

We tend to think of our mind and body as separate systems, and we believe for the most part, that they function independently of each other. Yet somewhere, deep inside, we know that this is not the whole story. The general consensus today is that we need to focus on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotions, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health.

Research,   has identified that up to 70% of all illnesses are related to chronic stress, depression/ anxiety, substance abuse and other psycho-social pathological factors. There are four conditions that insure a stronger mind-body connection during illness.

• The mind contributes to getting well, and staying well
• The mind doesn’t contribute to getting sick, or maintaining illness.
• The body is in constant communication with the mind
• This communication benefits both physical and mental aspects of being well.

From a health and wellness point of view, we know, that what is going on in your body impacts your mind and emotions. Conversely, what is going on with your mind and emotions impacts your physical body. The mind produces changes in the body. The body produces changes in the mind.

Behavioral health consultants, (BHC) are trained to help you, the patient, focus on the important mind-body relationship for optimum health. We are professional licensed consultants, who use brief, time limited, evidence-based screenings and interventions, to assist you and your health care professional, provide the best care and foster emotional and physical well-being.

What We Do


The BHC’s primary role is to be a member, of your health…