Who are we?

Behavioral Health Assessments, PA. is a group of Licensed Professional Consultants. Skilled in screening/testing, brief intervention and referral to specialty treatment if necessary. We attempt to fulfill the shared model: contact, comprehensive, coordinated and continuous care. We provide screenings/testing for adults, geriatrics, adolescents and children. The patient population usually has a primary physical diagnosis.

Physician: you maintain control, we answer referral questions, we come to you or schedule in our offices. We are patient centered, and care focused. We use evidence-based models of assessments and interventions/consultation. We assess, advise, agree, assist and arrange. We file insurance and communicate directly for your integrative electronic health record.

What do we do?

Behavioral Health Assessments, PA is designed to help Primary Care, Internal Medicine, General Practitioners, Gerontologists, Pediatricians, Neurologists and other Practitioners, identify, using Evidence-Based Screenings and Behavioral Health Consultation, those mental/emotional variables which might impair optimum functioning for their patients.

How does it work?

• Referral System
Direct referral from the Practitioner to the Behavioral Health Consultant is the most popular referral mechanism.

• Retention of Behavioral Health Consultants
Contractual Arrangements for retaining Behavioral Health Professionals is the most common arrangement.

• Location of Behavioral Health Consultants
Use of the practitioners own exam rooms, and / or the Behavioral Health Consultant practice.

• Communication
The Behavioral Health Consultant will see your patient, complete evidence-based screenings, and brief behavioral health therapy, communicate to you, the referring physician, either in person, and/ or by using Direct Messaging to your Electronic Health Record, so the screening results and notes can be included in the patients chart. No separate patient charts will be maintained.